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Why We Help The Amazon

why we help the amazon

Why We Help The Amazon?? We know that our customers value the environment as much as we do. We’d like to honor that by helping to double the positive impact of your choice to go all-natural. Therefore, for every bar of soap you purchase, one tree will be saved.

we could just go on for days about why we feel this initiative is immensely important. But in the interest of keeping it short and sweet, here are just a few reasons why we hope you’ll consider your purchase a major score for your skin andour environment.

We love that you agree that keeping our products cruelty-free is essential.“Cruelty-free” should include kindness toward the habitat animals live in!

More than 50% of our planet’s plants and animals call the rainforests their home. Our goal is to preserve – and hopefully increase – habitable areas where the animals we avoid testing can live in peace.

We respect and revere plantsAfter all, we are a plant-based company who offers all-natural soap. The medicinal value of our ingredients is backed by thousands of years of real human experience. In many cultures, these plants are considered absolutely sacred.Currently, there are more than 120 kinds of medicinal plants struggling to survive under the threat of deforestation. Let’s work together to keep these around for generations to come. We share your vision.You consciously make purchases which will offset or reduce negative environmental impacts. In the United States alone, each citizen uses approximately 700 pounds of paper products annually. Forty percent of all trees in existence are used to make these products. Let’s do a little more to put back in what we take out. We also respect the fact that 20% of the air of our entire planet comes from the amazon which is a forest of half of United States in size.

The fact is, we have come to an unfortunate and critical point where we have no choice but to move forward in protecting our planet. Therefore, anything you do – no matter how small – truly helps.

We need trees! The rapid elimination of the world’s forests exposes much of the population to the possibility of desertification. Trees provide clean air and moisture, as well as helping to stabilize our climate and atmosphere.

We’re losing them fast. Logging, fires, development, agriculture, and climate change are making our forests disappear faster than ever. Nearly 60 million square miles of forest are destroyed each year.It may be only one hundred years before our rainforests are totally eradicated. But even before then, in our very own lifetimes, we could see the extinction of 28,000 speciesIf not us, who? For everything they give, trees cannot defend themselves.

Currently, only 20% of our precious forests have some sort of legal protection.Our species cannot afford the loss of the other 80%. Humanity has the power to remove them, but we also have the power to restore them. We understand that not everyone has the resources, information, or time to help offset deforestation. Let’s make kindness as simple and accessible as possible. Starting right now, it’s as simple as treating yourself to a bar of our all-natural, plant-based, 100% cruelty-free soap.