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Eco Friendly Dental Floss

Sale price$7.00

Eco Friendly Dental Floss is safe and non-polluting in the bottle and can be used with confidence. The floss is scented with mint, food-grade material, environmentally safe, and easy to use. Floss has 30m, a high ratio for long-time use.


LIFE WITHOUT PLASTIC - If it's so easy to make this small change towards using less plastic in our everyday lives then Make sure to also get our awesome 100% eco silk floss with glass holder before checkout. In case you're also looking for a new toothbrush then make sure you purchase our bamboo toothbrush set for a true eco-friendly oral hygiene experience! Together towards a plastic-free future!

Remove plaque from between your teeth and along the gum line where a toothbrush cannot reach. Reduce gum disease and tooth decay. Micro wax dental flosser can clean the teeth better than the ones without Micro wax. 

    Product Material:  
    • 2.5x5.5cm  2 colors  
    • Length of Dental Flosser : 30 meters . 
    • The Dental Flosser wire can be replaced, the case can be Reused.
    • Material: black is bamboo charcoal and Nude is corn.
    Dental Floss Eco Friendly - Radiant Crush
    Eco Friendly Dental Floss Sale price$7.00