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Our Philosophy


A product is all about the ingredients you use to make that product.

That is why we, at Radiant Crush, use the best ingredient combinations we can and understand how each of them work. Many bar soaps whether if you buy a commercial or a handmade one, it will cleanse your skin. That is what all soaps do. The difference is that commercial bar soaps are made with synthetic detergents, and those were developed to clean dishes and garage floors. But they are cheap and easy to make. They are not crafted to be emollient. But they are good for cleansing your skin. That is when your skin gets really tight with a dry feeling to it and you will have to reach for the bottle of lotion in order to put the moisture back onto your skin.

But when a soap is formulated properly a natural bar of soap has a lot of long lasting lather, it feels rich and creamy in your hands; it feels good on your skin and it makes your skin feel good and healthy. Our products are really awesome and our ingredients are really incredible and they are the best they can be. At Radiant Crush your wellness and the wellness of the planet matters! Every formula is well thought based on that philosophy. We love the amazon and we are not only generating jobs buying our exotic oils and fragrances from them but helping to preserve this immense, yet unknown jungle for the benefit of our entire planet.