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Cord Bracelet Açaí & Hemp Sustainable

Sale priceR$ 46,00


These beautiful Eco-friendly Açaí and Hemp Cord Bracelets are safe and non-polluting made with hemp cords and acai seeds from the Amazon.

THE ECO-FRIENDLY BRACELETS ARE - Beautiful and durable and yet biodegradable and compostable.

ALL NATURAL - Made of natural hemp cord, and acai beads

PLASTIC-FREE - Packaged in recyclable bubble wrap and biodegradable bag.

THE ECO-FRIENDLY CHOICE - Our Eco-friendly Açaí and Hemp Cord Bracelets are perfect for all of you who are trying to take or are already taking a more eco-friendly approach to the world. 

ZERO WASTE BRACELET - Our eco bracelets are completely compostable! and naturally biodegrade so you don't have to worry about creating unnecessary waste and pollution like plastic that takes hundreds of years to decompose.

LIFE WITHOUT PLASTIC -  it's so easy to make this small change towards using less plastic in our everyday lives. Our Bracelets are life and earth-friendly 

    Product Material:  

    • Length 15 inches = 38cm 
    • Hemp cord and acai seeds 
    Eco Friendly Açaí and Hemp Cord Bracelet - Radiant Crush
    Cord Bracelet Açaí & Hemp Sustainable Sale priceR$ 46,00