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Washable Paper Tote Bags

Sale priceR$ 170,00

 Radiant Crush Washable Paper Tote Bags paper tote bag is easy to carry around it is eco-friendly and best of all it is biodegradable It is the perfect accessory with great style, 

The best reusable grocery bags are more than just carriers of groceries. They’re a marker of environmentally-minded shoppers and conscientious citizens. Reusable bags can earn discounts on grocery bills, and fashionable ones can double as stylish everyday totes.

The facts are real! the average American family uses approximately 1,500 single-use plastic shopping bags annually. Only one percent of those bags are recycled—the rest wind up in the bellies of sea turtles and in landfills for hundreds and hundreds of years. California and Hawaii have banned single-use plastic bags, and New York will join the crusade on plastic in 2020.

More and more companies are jumping on the sustainability train and offering reusable shopping bags. designed with your everyday needs in mind. This Radiant Crush Tote bag is stylish and hand-painted. 100% cotton and washable. So what will be your weapon of choice in the war on plastic?

Materials/materials: Washable kraft paper

Inter Structure/Internal Structure: None

Size/size: W (length) 41*H (height) 35*D (bottom width) 12.5cm

Package Includes: 1 X 1 Piece Shopping Bag