Washable Wine & Fruit Paper Bag

R$ 68,00

The Radiant Crush Washable Wine & Fruit Paper Bag is easy to carry around. It is the perfect accessory for bringing wine along with you to a picnic, party, or to give as a gift. Pick your favorite wine and take it along with you!

  • White and Black bags are also available
  • Made using a sustainable cellulose fiber through cultivation and not deforestation
  • Wine bags are soft but resilient and can be flattened completely for storage purposes. 
  • Feels like leather but washes with ease


Material: 0.55MM washable kraft paper
Size(approx.): bottom 10cm/3.94in, height 26cm/10.24inCare:

Washbag in warm water with a mild soap, then rinse thoroughly and dry flat. Do not wash the handle. Hand wash only, do not machine wash, do not dry clean.

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